I’ve worked with a lot of producers before, but none of them provide the level of care, quality, and professionalism that Fenixprod has.

Highly recommend.

T. BrixsonSinger, Songwriter, Recording Artist

I have enjoyed working with Dmitry. Whenever I ask him to help me with music production, vocal recording, mixing or preparing a live show he always reveals a great level of competence and a deep understanding of music atmosphere. Dmitry is full of interest and enthusiasm and that’s what makes him a great partner in my music projects.

Artyom PalevichA&R, Producer and Manager, Russia

When I hear the music that Dmitry creates it has an elegance that I don’t hear in a lot of music. From his artwork to production, mixing and mastering, Dmitry puts something in that creates a special vibe that I love.

Aquashii BeatzSinger, Songwriter & Producer, Vietnam

I am more than confident that Dmitry is able to perform more serious musical tasks, among other things, in a very short time, he is a concentrated person and has the unique ability to work with the material, delving into the very essence of the project.

It was a pleasure to work with him!

Isaiah FainbergFilmmaker & founder of IU Photography, Israel

Dmitry is one of the most responsible and responsive people we met.
We had the honor to work with him on several projects, some of which were covered by his original ideas and extraordinary solutions.

We advise everyone who seeks to preserve the quality and value of song/project to work with Fenixprod.


SadboiHitmakers Hip Hop Duo, Lithuania

Great work ethic, quality sound, and fast delivery.

It is all about Fenixprod.

Always a pleasure working with this producer!

Science Music RecordsUSA based Record Label