Hello and Welcome.
My name is Dmitry, the founder of FENIXPROD (a.k.a Phoenix Production).
Some facts about my journey. I’m also known as Phoenix, the Lithuania record producer, beatmaker, and MC. Since 2006 I’m fortuned to produce for many Lithuanian artists in different genres. Some of the Projects got Nominated for “Best Hip Hop of the Year” at the Lithuania Hip Hop Music Awards (2015 & 2016).
Besides production & remixes, I’ve released a few solo albums and continue my personal journey with the project “Pepelpovetru” (Ashes-on-the-Wind). You are welcome to listen to it on Spotify. This helps me to sharpen my skills as a creator, and better understand my clients – artists and content creators.
I’m here for humble service. The main purpose is to provide up- and forthcoming artists with high-quality beats. My aim is to help boost their careers in the music industry and help reach your musical dreams with “Beats that Fly. Quality sound and songs that aim to last forever – that is a calling to follow.
The experiences which I gained after hundreds of live-performances, the large skill set as a multi-genre producer – that’s what distinguishes Fenixprod in the current Online Beat Market.
Fenixprod has a vision “Great Music – Better World”. Why? Because 5% of each sold Service/Beats will donate to charities around the globe. By combining my passion for music and helping others, we’ll make a positive change in many lives.

Dmitry “Fenixprod” Matiuhin.


Prospering modern production company, desired worldwide.




To make a positive difference in a industry by creating timeless music, helping to express artists at their best-self, adding significant value to each project and making world a better place.




  • Ownership
  • Creative Partnership
  • Continuous improvement
  • Positive attitude
  • Respect

If you have any questions related to Beat Licenses or more, please read the FAQ section (below the contact form). And if you couldn’t find an answer, contact me.