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There are so many things, that music artists must focus on. The main thing is to create amazing songs. And 99% of the time, they are distracted by other things like deciding a promo campaign, choosing an artwork, searching for an inspiring beat, mixing their songs, or fighting self-doubts.

All this can be overwhelming. This journey shouldn’t be lonely. That’s why I want to help and provide affordable, yet high-quality solutions to your needs.

Choose a service below that you’re interested in and make a personal offer. When deciding your offer price, consider factors such as the level of complexity or customization required, the time and effort you think it would require, market rates for similar services, and most importantly – your budget. Be sure it reflects the value you expect to receive while considering the expertise, time, and effort that I will be providing for it.

Either way, you’ll be contacted via e-mail for the next steps. Please keep in mind I’m just one human and I may not respond right away. I will respond though. I’m glad to help when I can.

Beat Collab

Collaborate on a beat with an award-winning Music Producer.
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Beat Enhancement

If you're not happy with your existing beat and need some magic touch.
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Music Review

Personalized video review of up to 3 songs/beats with constructive feedback.
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Custom Beats

100% Master rights ownership, and that signature Fenix sound on your next song.
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Song Mixing

You have all the ingredients, but the great mix is missing.
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1-on-1 video call with Fenix for personalized guidance, and invaluable career advice.
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