My life is a colorful journey full of ups and downs, experiences, and lessons.

Even though I’ve been making music for more than 15 years, still I want to believe, that I’m somewhere at the start of my path.

I’m feeling blessed to meet and work with many amazing musicians, singers, songwriters, and MCs. The majority of them I can call friends. Here, I want to share the bodies of work, to highlight my past and recent production credits for independent artists, sync libraries, and personal projects.

All new releases will be appearing here.

Maybe, your next tracks will enhance these credits too.


– Dima Fenix



I love to network and meet new creative people.

My natural curiosity helped me to find common values with artists of different nationalities and walks of life. No matter whether is it an instant and fun live recording studio session or collaborative work online, one thing for certain – my musical taste, my communication skills, and my creative abilities will level up any project I get my hands on.

I always keep a positive and professional relationship first.

As a result – singers, songwriters, and rappers from Asia, Europe, and the USA put their trust in me. We had great results with quality sound, an easy-going production process, additional advice on how to enhance the ideas, and a successfully finished outcome.