I stand firmly in support of Ukraine, it’s braive people and in support of peace and freedom.

As a citizen of Lithuania, as well as a person who was raised by the blend of Baltic and Slavic cultures I can’t stand on a side knowing that the war is destroying thousands of people’s lives.

Like millions of people around the world, I’m heartbroken and appalled by the ongoing crisis unfolding in Ukraine, a sovereign nation where millions of innocent people have been forcibly displaced from their homes, their lives, and their families. The right to safety and freedom should never be partisan.

The decision was made to donate 50% of each and every beat lease sale to a number of nonprofits including UNHCRSave the Children UkraineTabletochkiUNICEF, and World Vision who are all providing on-the-ground support. I hope this will make at least some positive impact from my side as a music producer who resides next to the emerging tragedy (in a neighboring country of Lithuania). 

Empowering anyone to join the call for peace, and support of Ukraine

If you are reading this, but do not relate to the beat leasing services I provide, no problem! I encourage you to do research on your own about the legit nonprofit organizations which are supporting Ukraine and feel free to decide – to be active on this topic or not. Only then choose the most appropriate way for you to act (if there is any possibility).

And if you are an artist, rapper, or content creator who believes that it is in our hands to make an impact and want to contribute to Ukraine support – let our art speaks for it!

Choose the instrumentals you like to lease and 50% of its price will be donated to charity organizations supporting Ukraine.

History has proven that our greatest strength stems from rallying together. I and the Lithuanian people stand firmly in solidarity with Ukraine, and with the important goal of peace, safety, security, and freedom.

Let it be peace in Ukraine and in the World.

Stay safe!